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The Best Gin Espresso Martini

The gin espresso martini is an exquisite and invigorating cocktail that blends the classic elements of a martini with the deep and robust flavors of espresso.

This elegant concoction starts with a generous pour of [Prototype] gin, infusing the drink with its botanical notes and smoothness. The addition of freshly brewed espresso (let it to cool down in the fridge first) lends a bold and aromatic twist, adding depth and complexity to the cocktail. A touch of simple syrup balances the bitterness, while a splash of coffee liqueur enhances the overall richness.

Prototype Gin Espresso Martini With Coffee Bean Garnish

The result? A captivating fusion of gin's refined character and the intense energy of espresso, creating a sophisticated and stimulating cocktail.

Gin Espresso Martini

50ml [Prototype] Gin

25ml Espresso

25ml Kahlua

Coffee bean for garnish

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, and add all the ingredients (except for the coffee bean garnish!). Once added, give the cocktail shaker a really good shake - you want to create a bit of foam in the liquid.

Once done, get two martini glasses - preferably straight from the freezer where they've been cooling - and strain the liquid into them. The ingredient list above is enough for one cocktail so if you're making two, double the amounts.

Add a coffee bean for garnish.The best thing about this cocktail is it's so versatile so you can add a garnish to match your tastes. Why don't you do what our founder does, and use an orange twist instead to draw out the rich flavor of the espresso?

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