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The best gin cocktails for 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

Choosing our top 3 gin cocktails for the coming year

You might have guessed, our favorite tipple is gin. That’s why we started a gin company. After all, when you’ve invested time, money, and love into a gin company you need to know your way around a gin cocktail or two.

Choosing our top 3 gin cocktails for the coming year was no easy task. We had to consider political trends, economic factors, fashion changes and the legacy of what happened in 2022.

It definitely took us a few evenings to work it all out - and try the cocktails that made our shortlist! But at least we remembered what we had long enough to write it down.

So here goes; this is our top 3 gin cocktails to enjoy in the next 12 months.

Gin and tonic with limes


2 parts [Prototype] Gin

0.5 part Lime Juice

0.5 part Simple Syrup

Combine the ingredients and do a quick shake. Strain over ice into a glass and add a garnish on top. Choose your preference or steal ours: an elegant sprig of dark green toasted rosemary.

We predict a big comeback for this classic medicinal cocktail. Combining the charms of gin with both a sweet and sour taste, you have yourself an elegant drink that’s ready to medicate and alleviate. You know when a doctor invented your cocktail, you must be on the right track. Harking back to the naval days of the 19th century, the gimlet was used to prevent scurvy, but for now just say it fights off any viruses, while you savor the beautiful tart tones of a classic gin cocktail.

Gin Martini

1 part [Prototype] Gin

1 part Noilly Prat Rouge

Shake the [Prototype] gin and Noilly Prat together, before straining over ice into a martini glass. Draw lemon peel round the glass's edge and add to the mixture, or use an olive to garnish.

Undeniably one of our top favorite gin cocktails of all time, a martini is a classic that will never die. Though it’s been formulated in a number of ways over the years, we predict that in 2023, the classic gin martini will be what people want. We debated that some people will have it dirty, but at the end of the day, that’s really up to them. This sumptuous drink is best served after a long day at the office when all you really wanted to do was WFH. Cheers!

Madeline’s Vesper AKA Bemelman’s Vesper AKA Marianne's Vesper

[Prototype] Gin

Grey Goose Vodka

Cocci Americano

Mix equal parts gin and vodka, add a small dash of Cocci Americano (a table spoon is fine), before adding a sliver of orange peel. Make it a Marianne's Vesper by using blood orange to garnish.

Travel is officially back, and the only way to properly enjoy this cocktail is in its birthplace: Bemelman’s Bar at the Carlyle. Nothing compares with the traditional way this drink is put together, while the sweet chords of the piano man tinkle away somewhere behind you. Look up at the beautiful murals on the walls (you might have to scrunch your eyes if you’ve finished your drink) and find Madeline and friends going off to school.

See you in NYC!

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