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Diversity: What we stand for

The spirit of the industry

The spirits industry, like many other industries, suffers from a lack of diversity and inclusion. Women and marginalized groups are significantly underrepresented in the industry, which can limit their opportunities for career advancement and hinder the industry's growth and innovation.

However, things are changing. Many women and minority ethnic professionals are successfully entering the space, including the entrepreneur Fawn Weaver, who recently set up the phenomenal Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey (if you haven’t tried, definitely check it out).

But things are changing

We’re different here at [Prototype] Gin too. Founded by Marianne Fernandes, a female entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in startups ranging from interiors to luxury fashion and health and beauty, she brings a unique outlook and wealth of experience to the role. As a company, we’re committed to diversity and inclusivity. Not only do we have a female founder, but the employees and collaborators are from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

This approach brings fresh perspectives to the creation of our brand - especially in a traditional market such as gin - and has helped us to embrace unconventional, innovative ideas.

Our commitment

Here at [Prototype] Gin we’re making a public commitment to prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our hiring practices. We recognize that a diverse staff and work culture are essential to the success of the brand and the spirits industry as a whole.

To achieve this, we pledge that our hiring practices will be indiscriminate, evaluating persons on skills, experience and professionalism. We will ensure we have a welcoming and inclusive work environment and company culture.

By prioritizing diversity, we want to set an example for other companies in the industry to follow. Combining innovative ideas with a commitment to social responsibility, [Prototype] Gin is celebrating the growth of diversity in the spirits industry.

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