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3 ways to do a gimlet

The gimlet is one of our absolute favorites here at [Prototype] gin. It’s such a versatile cocktail that you can personalize it just as you like.

The flavors and aromas that you choose - as long as they match - will bring the drinker incredible joy, and add depth to the gin.

Pink Peppercorn

It’s hard to get hold of pink peppercorns sometimes, but if you can find some I recommend using them. The hint of spice mixed with a sweet fruit flavor makes this taste truly memorable.

50ml [Prototype] Gin

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Simple Syrup

Teaspoon of pink peppercorns

First, crush a few pink peppercorns using a pestle and mortar, or if you don’t have one available, you can use a pepper grinder or the back of a spoon. Leave a few on the side for garnishing. In a cocktail shaker, add the crushed pink peppercorns, the gin, lime juice and simple syrup. Give it a good shake.

Add fresh ice to a cooled martini glass, and double strain (making sure there are no pesky peppercorn bits trying to get into the glass) the liquid and garnish with the pink peppercorns you set aside.

Earl Gray

This is one of our favorites because we love an earl gray tea - so it’s not a giant leap to add this delicious flavor to [Prototype] gin to make an elegant cocktail. You can even have it at 4pm with finger sandwiches and scones, just like traditional tea. But better.

50ml [Prototype] Gin

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Simple Syrup

Silver teaspoon for decoration

Start by brewing a lovely cup of earl gray tea gin. Once you’ve brewed the tea bag in the gin - you want it to be quite strong so allow 30 mins at least - then you’re ready to start making the rest of the cocktail. You want your gin infused with delicious tea flavor, but make sure you’ve removed the tea bag!

Place 50ml of your earl gray brewed [Prototype] gin into a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, along with your lime juice and simple syrup. Shake well before straining into a martini glass. Add a silver spoon just to remind you that this is high tea. Sip and savor.

Lavender And Lime

This spring cocktail can be done two ways - the lazy-COUGH-easy way, or the long way. We recommend the easy way, but it’s up to you if you want to take longer to make it. Things seem to always taste better when you’ve invested love and time.

50ml [Prototype] Gin


25ml Lime Juice

25ml Lavender Simple Syrup

Sprig of lavender for garnish

If you don’t want to buy lavender simple syrup, you can make your own with a handful of crushed lavender blossoms, and equal parts sugar and water. Combine them and bring to the boil, then once the sugar’s dissolved turn off the heat. Steep the mixture for 30 mins before straining.

Add ice to your cocktail shaker along with all ingredients, and shake vigorously. Make sure you carefully strain your cocktail liquid into a highball glass (cool it in the fridge first if you can) with an ice cube in it. Add a sprig of lavender to make this colorful cocktail even more beautiful!

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